Newbie question re software

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I'm about to start out - quite excited :).
I expect to be using a Nikon D750 for video and Zoom H4n Pro for sound.

Does Corel Videostudio X9 have all the tools I will need?

I looked at the manual and didn't see reference to being able to record digital video and audio separately and then sync them.

Thanks for your advice and comments.

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Yes you can do this with NLE Video Editing Program and the fix is easy. You have seen how they shoot TV shows and Films, they use a Clapper Board. They stand in front of the Camera and within a few feet of the Microphone and slam a hinged slat down on board edge, which makes a spike in the Audio Signal, that can be seen on the Timeline of the NLE as a Line in the Audio. Now you do not need a Clapboard, you can simply Clap. while standing in front your Camera and with Zoom recorder close enough to hear the clap. Experiment on where the Zoom has to be to get a good spike. Once you have that and have you Video & Audio files on the computer, simply put both files on the Timeline and line up the clap with the Audio spike and your rolling.


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